eztarps by Safeside Global

The EZ Tarp™ Adhesive Roof Tarp concept was created and patented by Tony Diaz and his wife Hope in 2005 after Florida was faced with Hurricanes Charlie, Frances and Jean. It introduced a much needed newer, safer and faster approach to tarping that could work on virtually any roof surface without causing further costly penetrating damage as with the current method of tarping.

With personal safety always being a great concern when working on heights, the EZ Tarp™ drastically minimizes the exposure time a person has to spend on an already dangerous and damaged surface to temporarily protect it. The quick and easy installation process of the EZ Tarp™ only takes minutes per panel to install and there is no fussing with tools or extra materials that can roll off a slanted roof. It can be applied by anyone with or without roofing experience by simply positioning, peeling and sticking the adhesive pressure activated border of the tarp down with their hands. The EZ Tarp is so simple to install that during the patent processing phase one of the very first test units was installed by the Diaz’s eldest daughter who was just 9 at the time.

The EZ Tarp™ can be installed faster than the average tarp with less effort and less manpower and eliminating the costly expense of extra materials required to do it the old-fashioned way. The speed delivered by this cutting edge tarp enables response crews to double or triple those that can be helped in the coarse of a day.  The use of the EZ Tarp™ after a severe weather event can help communities recover faster by keeping people in their own homes and reducing the burden on local county management and shelters.